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Thursday, June 30, 2016


13 Chart Topping Hits

1. If Luuuving You Is Wruuung, I Don't Want To Be Right
2. I Just Called To Say I Luuuve You
3. You Can't Hurry Luuuve
4. Luuuve In An Elevator
5. Luuuve In The First Degree
6. Luuuve Don't Live Here Anymore
7. Luuuve Bites
8. This One's Dedicated To The One I Luuuve
9. I Wanna Know What Luuuve Is
10. Luuuve Stinks
11. Luuuve Will Keep Us Together
12. Luuuve Will Tear Us Apart
13. Jump

Enjoy this parody folks!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Top 5 John Candy Movies

5. Brewster's Millions
4. Uncle Buck
3. Summer Rental
2. Planes, Trains, And Automobiles
1. The Great Outdoors

One of my all-time favorite comedic actors and his movies keep me in stitches. John Candy was a great actor and his movies stand the test of time. From stealing the scene in Vacation to clashing with Dan Akroyd in The Great Outdoors, Candy was a volcano of funny in a decade of comedic giants. He is definitely missed and his legacy lives on.

What's your favorite John Candy Movie?
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Monday, June 27, 2016

The Brand Split: A Fan's Perspective

What would you do if you owned the world and had to make it entertaining for everyone?

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) owns the sports entertainment industry and needing a "fresh coat of paint", will be initializing the brand split once again. This from a fan's point of view will give the chance to see matches that wouldn't have been available during the normal shows. Talent will be, according to rumors, brand exclusive. Only on one show makes the program special and unique again. Seeing the potential for great matches and stories, I began to remember the original brand split and how I felt back then. I felt the same but, this time feels different in a way.

This opportunity will give new and young talent a chance to shine on a bright stage. It may give legends the chance to finish their legacies and to help cultivate the roster. Growth in any business is a goal and if grown correctly, it will blossom and produce great things. As I talked with my son about this, he questioned everything. "Will the champions be on both shows?" "Will NXT be a third brand?" "Will Roman (Reigns) be on Raw or Smackdown?" He had some good questions but he also made some great observations as well. He brought up names like Zack Ryder, Mojo Rawley, and Tyler Breeze along with Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, and Bailey. He sees the value in the split as well, but he sees it as we all should and hasn't become"jaded" by the business.

There are a lot of "haters" and they believe this is a waste of time and money. Some refuse to watch and others watch, just to see it fail. I wish the WWE well and I personally want this to work. I'll be surprised if it doesn't work at all this time.

What's your opinion?
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

TOP 5 Wrestling Surprises

5. Eric Bischoff on Monday Night Raw
4. Lex Luger on WCW Monday Nitro
3. Dusty Rhodes on ECW Programming
2. Chris Jericho on Monday Night Raw
1. Scott Hall on WCW Monday Nitro

The moment that these men stepped onto the entrance way, they changed the course of wrestling. These impacted everyone from the fans, to the promotions, and to the sponsors of the television shows. From Bischoff hugging McMahon to Scott Hall proclaiming that "If you want a war, you're gonna get one", these men showed us how an opportunity could build a future and a legacy that we will talk about for years. Jericho going one-on-one with The Rock in a verbal smackdown is classic attitude from future Hall of Famers. Dusty Rhodes entering an ECW arena to face Steve Corino had my jaw hitting the floor. These are my favorite wrestling surprises, feel free to message me about your favorite wrestling surprises.
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